Are you misusing your news blog?

Unless you either have a major brand or are a simple aggregation site, there’s a very good chance that you’re misusing your blog.  Many bloggers attempt to provide their readers with news, which is great – to an extent.  It’s not enough, though.

Between the internet writ large and 24-hour news networks on TV, news isn’t hard to find for those who care enough to look for it.  If your blog is relatively new or doesn’t have a massive readership, it’s likely that most of your readers will already have most of the information about which you choose to write before they click over to your site.  They usually know all (or most of) the same facts that you do.

So where does that leave you?

As a blogger, you should aim to provide your readers with either insight or analysis.  Sure, it’s great to post a link early in your post and possibly one elsewhere just in case the odd reader doesn’t know what you’re talking about, but that needs to be an aside, not the thrust of your post.  The value that you offer has to be something unique.

With regard to insight, speaking from personal experience can be a very effective route to go because those experiences are unique to you.  Nobody else has had your life experiences or can say something intelligently based on the same observations that you’ve made.  Have you visited a region being covered, worked in a company similar to one in the news, or done something similar to the person about whom you’re writing?  Those are all great topics for blog posts because they can offer a perspective different from what your readers will see on the larger sites.

As for analysis, there are two ways you can go with this.  The first is to write about stories in areas with which you’re very familiar, and the second is to go the extra mile and do some serious research into your topic.  The truth is that reporters are lazy.  They want simple stories that write themselves, usually with the best pictures they can find.  If there’s a story about a bombing in the Middle East, they’ll write exclusively about the bombing.  If a business leader gets arrested, they’ll write about the charges.  It’s rare that they’ll go beyond that to things like the broader context of the bombing or how common activities like that for which the arrest was made happen.

Simply put, people visit your blog for things that they can’t get elsewhere.  Whatever the topic of your blog is, provide something of value by offering something that your readers can’t find elsewhere.

Haven’t got time for that?  I do!  Use the contact form on this site to let me know what you need so that I can offer you a quote.

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