Are you springing forward or stuck in a deep winter sleep?

The internet isn’t a book.  Your site is never ‘done’.  There is no last page, happy ending or final farewell.  Simply put, your site is either dead or alive.


The weather in most of the US has started to warm up, and after a frigid, white winter, many people are finally excited to enjoy some warmer weather.  Some are getting their gardens ready, others starting to enjoy their warm weather sports.  In fact, for a lot of people the weather, even more so than usual, is a part of everyday conversation.


Connecting and building trust with your customers is an ongoing process, and the more human you make your business, the more likely people will be to want to connect with you.  Obviously, the weather need not dominate your content.  It should, however, be a part of it, at least right now.  It humanizes you and helps you relate to your customers.  It also goes to show that you are continuing to work on your business and not just having a robot dole out content months after it was written.


Of course, creating content that humanizes you and relates what you have to say to your customers just right isn’t easy.  In fact, it’s so common that there’s a term for it – the dreaded “writer’s block”.  For large businesses, writer’s block can be a headache for those who manage blogs.  For small businesses and sole proprietorships, it can grind business to a halt because it keeps the people who need to be taking care of other things from doing so.


There are costs associated with hiring a writer to provide your blog content.  Of course, there are also costs associated with buying computers, having water pumped into your home and office, and buying food from the store rather than growing it yourself.  At the end of the day, though, the costs of all of those things are small relative to the benefits derived from handling it all yourself.


Rather than spend spring stuck in the winter doldrums, sitting in one place rather than going out and doing the things you need to do to make your business run, why not let me take care of your blog content for you so that you can do what you do best: run your business?  Get in touch with me today to let me know how I can help you to connect with your customers online so that you can do the other things that make your business profitable.

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