Looking to brush up on your writing skills?  Could your writing use some extra polish?  Do you keep getting complaints or requests for revisions?  Are you just having trouble with one particular piece?

If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, inquire about my coaching services.  Please include a writing sample, the aspect of writing that you need help with, whether you’d like one or more coaching session, and your availability.  Then we can set up a time(s) to work together.

Although we can customize the sessions according to your particular needs and goals, some of the things that we can do include proofreading your work together to address grammatical and punctuation issues, working on the best ways to phrase different things, improving on the clarity of your writing, and discussing ways that you can bring your pieces to life through things like anecdotes and humor.

The personal attention and one-on-one coaching that I provide is a fantastic way to take your writing to the next level, whatever that level may be.  I can’t promise that you’ll turn into a world class reporter over the course of an hour, but I can promise that you’ll improve your writing considerably by following my advice and asking questions during the process.

If you’re serious about improving your writing, let’s get started!

Drop me an e-mail at and let me know what you’re looking for!