Getting the right political ghost writer

Ghost writers’ opinions don’t count, right?  After all, you hire them to write what you want written, not what they want written, right?

Well, yes and no.

It’s absolutely true that you hire a professional ghost writer to tell your story, express your views, promote your brand, etc.  Any ghost writer who doesn’t understand that simple fact isn’t a ghost writer.  They simply want someone to pay them to write whatever they choose.

That said, if you want to hire a political ghost writer, you want to make sure that it’s someone who shares your own world view.  To be sure, they won’t agree with you on everything, and that’s okay.  That’s actually better than okay because it means that they have the ability to think.

If you’re in the market for a political ghost writer, I don’t have to tell you that politics is a touchy subject.  The main reason that it’s at the center of so many arguments – often heated ones – is that it gets to the core of people’s values and thought patterns.  Many people, writers or otherwise, view those who disagree with them as having either a warped thought process or a deficient value system.  That’s not, mind you, the same as considering them stupid; it just means that they consider those who disagree to have fatal flaws in their reasoning.

The reason that matters is because you need a political ghost writer who is always going to understand your thought process even though they don’t agree with you on every single issue.  Hiring someone who has either a substantially different value system or a substantially different reasoning process all but ensures that there will be major struggles and conflict along the way.  At best, the writing process will be a slog as you have to go over every sentence with a fine tooth comb to make sure that the writing accurately reflects what you want expressed.  At worst, you could end up publishing a book (or article) that has flaws in reasoning that you and/or your publisher didn’t catch.

While I have mostly liberal friends (hey, I grew up in New York), I would not be well suited to ghost write general political books for those left of center.  If you’re looking for a libertarian ghost writer, though, you’ve come to the right place!  Use the contact for on my website to inquire about my rates and availability.  I’d be happy to handle your project for you.

(N.B.: Depending on the issue(s) involved, I may also be able to ghost write books, e-books, or articles for conservatives as well.  I’m culturally conservative, but outside of the life issue, I tend to advocate means outside of government to promote that agenda.)

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