The Worst Time to Write Your Own Copy

Writing your own copy is typically a bad idea unless you are a professional writer.  Sure, it might be necessary when you are getting started and can’t afford to hire someone who writes copy for a living, but beyond that point, you’re leaving money on the table by trying to save a few dollars up front instead of getting copy that converts.  There’s one time in particular, though, when writing your own copy can be outright disastrous.

Never ever write your own sales copy when you spent a lot of time developing a product or service.

When you invest a lot of your time, energy, and even money in creating something, you are too close to it to avoid putting too much focus on the development at the expense of the benefits.  This is perfectly natural because you know what it took to offer something that could be very simple to use.  Your customers should never know whether it took you five minutes, a week, or several months of work to develop your product or service or any particular aspect thereof.

If you want a pat on the back, call your mom.  If you want to make money, call a copy writer.

Here’s the reason for that: any of the space that you use talking about the development of what you’re selling is a distraction from the reasons that your customers would want to buy.  All they want to know is that you can solve a problem for them.  In some cases, it’s important to tell them how you can solve it.  In no instance, though, does your customer care what it took for you to be able to solve it.

Your customers only give you money for solving their problems.  Can you make the healthier?  More attractive?  Richer?  More relaxed?  Can you entertain them?  Teach them something?  Simply put, you need your customers focused on one thing and one thing only: why your product is more valuable to them than the money it costs them.  Anything that detracts from that single focus is ancillary and will only hurt your chances of making the sale.

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